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Custom Projects

Esso Bass Strait Offshore Platform

In 2014, Markair Components re-engineered 1200mm Ex’d’ Rated Axial fans for several of Esso’s offshore Natural Gas platforms in the Bass Strait.

With the application being such a hazardous environment, strict conformance with IECEx requirements were achieved, while maintaining fan longevity by utilising our skills fabricating a full 316 Stainless Steel case and motor mount at our Mulgrave production facility.

To ensure that the fan was fit for purpose, a specially designed copper lining was fabricated and installed inside the fan case, to ensure the custom designed impeller could not induce sparks during operation of the fan assembly.

The project was completed within the required time frame to ensure that the platforms were non-operational for a very minimal time frame. This was achieved through close co-ordination with the on-site engineers and installers.

Grand Hyatt Melbourne

Given Markair’s experience in the service and reconditioning of fans, air handling units and fan coil units, Markair was approached by the Engineering department of the Grand Hyatt in Melbourne to refurbish the fans contained in each of their 500 plus rooms and administration areas.

Over the course of eight months, Markair Components reconditioned 530+ twin fan decks requiring new motors and fan wheels.

To accomplish this, Markair worked closely with the Engineering department of the Grand Hyatt, the mechanical services contractor and our motor and raw material suppliers to ensure that each phase of the project was completed within the limited amount of floor down time allotted by the clients.

Each phase consisted of:

  1. Shutting down each floor individually to minimise disruption to normal operations
  2. Removing approximately fifty fan decks from the fan coil units from all rooms on the appropriate floor
  3. Transporting to Markair’s Mulgrave production facility where fans were expertly reconditioned, involving the replacement of motor components, repair of fan cases and decks where required, and replacement of fan wheels
  4. Comprehensive testing of completed units to ensure fan decks complied with strict noise requirements as specified by the end user
  5. Redelivery of fans to site within 4-5 working days for reinstall

Markair was involved in all aspects of the project as both a consultant and manufacturer, including:

  • Pre works on-site consultation to specify project resource requirements with both Grand Hyatt and the Project Co-ordinator
  • Development of project schedule in conjunction with Grand Hyatt and the Contractor’s Project Co-ordinator
  • Negotiation of flexible supply terms with our suppliers to accommodate variances in each level to minimise disruption to the Grand Hyatt
  • Co-ordinating closely with all the stakeholders on the project to avoid unnecessary complications and to ensure appropriate resources were allocated at the required times
  • Manufacture components in house to ensure adequate supply

Markair Components has been committed to providing ongoing service to the end user, and we continue to enjoy a close relationship with the Grand Hyatt to provide fan and motor components in a timely fashion as they are required.

Alcoa Yennora

Given the task of designing a fan solution for the Alcoa Australia Yennora Rolling Mill in NSW with very strict requirements, the Markair Engineering team set out to find a solution.

The overall project called for 16 Cooling fans for their rolling mill area which presented many challenges given the environment, available space, air flow requirements and the need to meet strict OH&S laws regarding noise levels.

The Markair team designed a Tube Axial (TAX) style fan capable of not only meeting the Alcoa conditions yet also exceeding all project constraints required by Alcoa.

The end result was 16 1100mm Diameter Fans constructed with a 5mm Hot Dip Galvanised Mild Steel barrel with a very rarely used 10 pole (620 RPM) direct drive Motor with an IP 66 rating.

The combination of the 10 pole motor with in a heavy duty barrel and full Aluminium impeller specially pitched to 53.5 degree to handle the conditions achieved the desired airflow of 11 000 litres per second for each of the 16 fans, for a combined total of a whopping 165 000 litres per second.