Mining, Oil & Gas

Fan products that are utilised in the Mining, Oil and Gas industry are required to comply with stringent requirements where materials capable of combustion are present during operation of the fan products.

We can supply single and three phase duct mounted fans in mild steel and 316 Stainless Steel with Ex’e’, Ex’d’ and ATEX certified motors. PAGAS Anti Static blades and impellors can be used in all our tube axial fans where required, as well as non alloy propeller assemblies and cast iron motors for specialised applications. All of our tube axial fans are designed and built for each individual job, so we are capable of constructing to any diameter required.

We have also utilised non ferrous copper rub rings in our tube axial fans to ensure combustion does not occur even in exceptional circumstances.

Our MVA Series can be constructed with non ferrous copper housings to match our mild steel and stainless steel wheels to ensure our fans will not spark during operation.

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