AHU Replacement

With virtually all commercial and industrial facilities requiring an air handling unit as a critical component of their heating and cooling systems, Markair has suitable replacement products for nearly all existing systems in Australia.

Many older systems contain medium to large forward curve belt drive blowers. Markair manufactures replacement wheels, housing and shafts to suit existing Muller and Trane Air Handling Units, as well as AHI-Carrier units and many many more. With wheel diameters ranging from 10” to 39”, we can provide a solution for you to get a failed or failing system up and running quickly and cost effectively.

Many smaller residential AHUs contain Torin, Lau, Nicotra and Kruger direct drive units and fan decks. We can replace either the fan assemblies themselves or individual components as required.

We are also a distributor for the biggest names in the industrial motor market including Fasco, CMG, Regal Beloit, TecoLafert, AEG and many more for single and three phase industrial frame motors.

If you require assistance in identifying which replacement product is the most suitable, please contact our sales staff who would be happy to assist. Please note that we can provide wheels, fan housings, shafts, bearings, pulleys and motors individually or a complete belt drive unit with frames and bases to lift directly into the place of the existing unit.

In conjunction with ebm-papst and EC Upgrades, Markair also participates consults with clients who require upgrading of aging Air Handling Units to high efficiency EC fan banks under the VEET scheme in Victoria. Upgrading to EC technology can save consumers up to 40% in their power consumption, representing significant cost savings and minimal payback periods. For more information, please contact us or visit our EC Retrofitting page here.

Industrial and Commercial Air Handling Units

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Commercial and Residential Air Handling Units

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