High Temperature

High temperature fans require specialised engineering to both ensure that airflows and pressure characteristics are calculated correctly with changes in air density, but also to ensure that the fan and motor components are adequately protected from the heated airstream.

Whether your application requires a system to exhaust hot air or recirculate heated air through an oven, small or large, Markair can manufacture a blower to meet your needs.

We can incorporate heat slingers onto our range of MVA Series and Bingo Series blowers for smaller installations, as well as the addition of shaft extensions to move the motor sufficiently away from the heat source. All these variations can be achieved in house at our Melbourne production facility.

Where recirculation is required for an oven system or as we see regularly, mineral and material drying cabinets, we can manfacture high efficiency backward curve plug fans and incorporate thermal insulation, bung walls and high temperature motor bearings into the fan and motor assembly to provide a solution for your needs.

Given the large variation in airflows from in high temperature applications, please contact us today to discuss the requirements for your project.