Power Flue Dilution

Many hot water systems which require natural gas exhaust harmful gases while in operation. With an increased focus on space in residential developments, and the proximity of gas boilers to family members in residential hot water and pool heating systems, these systems often require lengthy flue systems to discharge these harmful gases.

Our Power Flue Dilution fans are specifically designed to work with Raypak gas heating systems to overcome the often large pressure requirements due to lengthy flues, especially in cases where the heating systems are installed in basements of residential developments with the flue discharging to atmosphere several stories above.

To ensure compliance with relevant building codes and legislation, care needs to be taken to ensure that sufficient clean air is introduced into the system to dispel harmful gases, as well as to ensure that the boiler functions effectively. We are experts in selecting the most appropriate fan for your system, so if you have an application that requires power flue dilution, please contact us to discuss how we can assist you.