EC High Efficiency

EC High Efficiency fan products are the future of air movement globally. Markair Components have the ability to provide EC fan products in a variety of applications currently utilising AC inputs. With governments around the world committing to binding energy targets, and with air movement products accounting for up to 60% of a buildings energy requirements, in many cases switching to an EC product allows reductions of around 30%, reducing consumption (and power bills) significantly over the life of the unit.

With EC fans, an AC signal is converted to a DC current, which in itself allows the energy inputs into a fan to be better utilised over the entire performance curve, but also introduces many significant advantages over AC products.

The DC input in an EC fan is able to be varied, meaning infinitely variable speed control of the fan. This is achieved through a simple Control Module that can be linked to a PC, allowing remote variation in the speed, hence the airflow, of a fan system. In an AC system, this can only be achieved manually through a Variable Speed Drive or potentiometer.

Furthermore, EC fans are able to set to maintain constant pressure or constant airflow, critical in systems containing a build up of debris in either the ducting or with filters, whereby the static pressure varies considerably over time.

Markair also work with ebm-papst and EC Upgrades to implement retrofitting programs for small and large scale facilities under the VEET scheme. We are able to arrange all aspects of the projects, including scoping and fan selection, providing the fans for the retrofitted system and installation of the fan components through our network of trusted and reliable installers.

Please see below for a range of EC fan products from ebm-papst. If you would like to speak to us about how we can significantly reduce your carbon emissions and running costs, please contact us today.

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