Industrial Fans

For over 40 years, Markair Components have manufactured specialised fans for a variety of applications. We understand that industrial fans need to be robust and have lengthy effective working lives. More importantly, we know that when installing an industrial fan, there are numerous constraints which need to be considered, including size limitations, conforming to existing machinery placement and footprints and also must be simple to maintain.

We have a selection of blowers suitable that are versatile enough for most applications, including the MVA Series and the Bingo Series, as well as Forward Curve Belt Drive blowers and our High Pressure blowers, most available in galvanised mild steel and 316 stainless steel construction

We also supply industrial motors in single and three phase from a range of suppliers in cast ironalloy and stainless steel, including CMGTecoLafert, AEG, Toshiba and TEMA.

With our full sheet metal facilities, we can also manufacture sheet metal transitions to connect our fans to existing duct runs, and inlet and discharge flanges for simple mounting options. In addition to this, we can build metal frames and pedestals for our fans to suit your specifications.

We also supply a large range of exhaust and ventilation fans for factories are warehouses.

If you have a requirement or need assistance determining pressure losses and airflow, please contact us as we will always be able to assist.

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